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When do you expect donating money through Give For Good to be better for the charities than donating money directly to the charities? I'm under the impression that non-profits are allowed to invest money, so naively I expect that I can donate directly to a charity and let the charity make its own evaluation about whether to invest or spend the donation.

How does GiveWell's All Grants Fund compare to EA Funds's Global Health and Development Fund? My understanding is that both funds are looking primarily at global health interventions and have a greater tolerance for risk than GiveWell's Top Charities Fund. Are there major differences between the funds?

 What would be a good place to donate to support organizations hurt by the FTX collapse? EA Funds?

Edit: More discussion here:

BTW I’m not necessarily endorsing donating to such a place, but if such a place existed and provided information about which organizations could benefit, it could affect donation decisions.