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If I understand correctly, that's exactly what EV ops is doing. They are supporting organisations inside and outside of EVF with Ops work so that might not be auch a big reason not to slit upt EVF orgs. (Formerly that was CEAs/EVFs ops team and now is a separate organisation, but possibly officially still part of EVF?)

I think another reason for translating EA content is diversity - you exclude a pretty big group of people who might have a different perspective on the world if only people comfortable in English can interact with EA

I don't think it's just a "nice excuse", I think it makes sense to celebrate if you got rejected by an EA org. The work you wanted to do to help the world is being done better than you could have done it  (assuming their application system works well enough). And you don't even have to lift a finger. That is not to say that I would predict myself to react in a very positive way immeadiately after rejection, but it's how I'd want myself to react.

This article really helped me getting these things clear in my head! Thank you :)