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Hi! I'm Lu, I'm a college student who's studying water resources engineering. I'm mostly interested in climate change adaptations/environmental protection and global health and pandemic prevention.


I think this is a great post. You might already be aware of this, but the podcast Maintenance Phase does some interesting work debunking, although only in the sphere of wellness. And because of the limited sphere, they tend to be aiming for ideas that aren't super widespread yet. One of the hosts, Michael Hobbs, writes articles attempting to debunk claims as well, although he's not aiming for maximizing impacts. 

Hi everyone! I generally go by Velociraptor online, but if you find that too silly, please call me Lu. I had a pretty awful experience burning myself out trying to do too much volunteer work during the peak of covid, and when I was seeking more reasonable and high-impact ways to return to helping, I stumbled across effective altruism a few months ago. The ideas have really appealed to me, although I'm still uncertain about some aspects (mostly the global focus, I'm generally a proponent of local efforts as participants tend to have more in-depth knowledge about the problems they are tackling). I'm most interested in the career directing ideas that I've read about, but I'm also interested in learning more about all aspects of this movement!