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My name is Wes. I’m currently figuring out career stuff/life plans. I’m relatively new to the EA (I started interacting with it July 12, 2023)

How others can help me

Sometimes, I might ask for help woth research, also, if you know any good internship roles, please reach out!

How I can help others

I’m pretty good with numbers(understatement), so if you have any questions about it, I’m happy to help!

I’m also quite passionate (though 80,000 hours points out that there are more pressing & tractable matters) about ageism/rights of youth, so if you have any questions about that, I can help with that too.


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I'm currently working on an article about QALYs per life saved (effectivealtruism.org), which would include measurements and a bunch of different values (e.g.  1 USD given to GWWC is [x] lives saved, [y] QALYs, etc). This might be relevant

Maybe reach out to new institutions, possibly via Linkedin, even if they don't have job opportunity listings, as they might find that it would take too long to make those listings, are too busy, or might not have listed them for other reasons. It also likely heavily reduces competition.

Thanks! I'll look at it. Happy first comment, BTW!

(I separated these questions so that people can upvote and downvote each question separately)

Do you plan to change how these measurements impact your decisions?

Alright, I edited it. Did I miss anything?

It is useful. I wish the page I linked cited sources, and when I find sources, I will mention them. I will also edit the text accordingly.

 How do these measurements impact your decisions?

Do you plan to change what you measure? 

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