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Apply now for the Philippines’ first ever EA Conference! The deadline for applications is September 30.

Join us from October 20 to 22 for a weekend of talks, workshops, networking, and more in the bustling city of Manila. See updated details here.

Ticket Prices

  • Current students or volunteers: Free
  • All standard attendees: 50 USD (~2,730 PHP)
  • Supporter Tickets: 100 USD (~5460 PHP)

When and Where

From Friday, October 20 until Sunday, October 22 at the conference venue Rizal Park Hotel, located at South Road Drive, Kalaw Avenue Extension, Manila, Philippines.


EAGxPhilippines is intended for both individuals new to the effective altruism (EA) community and those already professionally engaged with EA, mostly focusing on attendees based in Southeast and East Asia.

We believe the conference will be of particular value to those currently exploring new ways they can have an impact, such as students, young professionals, people that are excited to start new impactful projects and mid-career professionals looking to shift into EA-aligned work. We also invite established organizations looking to share their work and grow their pool of potential collaborators or hirees.

If you are uncertain about your eligibility, please don't hesitate to apply!

Contact Us

Email us at philippines@eaglobalx.org if you have any questions that are not answered in the FAQ.




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