Update: The "20,000 free $50 Charity Gift Cards" opportunity expired on 12/11 around 10 PM EST, about 9 hours after it opened, according to an update on the website that reads "We’re happy to share that together, we’ve given away 30,000 Charity Gift Cards to support the causes you care about, for a total of $2 million donated."

20,000 Free $50 Charity Gift Cards made available on 12/11 at 1 PM EST

Link: https://redefinegifting.tisbest.org/

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Take 30 seconds to Sign up now to receive a $50 Charity Gift Card to give to the nonprofit of your choice:


  1. Go to: https://redefinegifting.tisbest.org/

  2. Sign up with your name and email address:

  1. Your $50 Charity Gift Card was sent to your email. Take another ~2-5 minutes to follow the instructions in the email you received to donate the money to a nonprofit of your choice.

If you're interested in another quick opportunity like this, see Make a $10 donation into $35.

Background Information:

On December 3rd, billionaire Ray Dalio gave away 10,000 free $100 charity gift cards in two hours to the first people who signed up above.

Then at 1 PM EST on December 11th he announced a second give away of an additional 20,000 $50 charity gift cards on a first-come, first-served basis.

Sign up here: https://redefinegifting.tisbest.org/




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Free $50 Charity Gift Card available now! 30 seconds to sign-up: https://redefinegifting.tisbest.org/ (Update: Still available as of 3:30pm EST, 2.5 hours later)

[Out of date comment thread]

Anyone who is interested: Reply to this comment with your preferred nonprofit after signing up and I'll donate $10 to it now, conditional on you agreeing to donate any Charity Gift Card you receive from this to a nonprofit of my choice (which I'll name here if and when I receive a Charity Gift Card). (Note: If you'd prefer to message me your preferred charity privately, feel free to comment with "I accept" or similar.)

I make this offer available to the first 10 people who take it before this Forum post is 24 hours old or before I edit this comment to retract the offer.

(One person took me up on the offer at $15. When I made the donation, I realized that I was making the donation unmatched. I get most of my donations matched, so I actually only think this is a good deal for me for amounts <$25/2, so I lowered the offer to $10.)

Some EA-aligned charities listed (use the search function in the bottom right corner):

  • Center for Long-Term Risk (listed as Effective Altruism Foundation)
  • Founders Pledge
  • 80,000 Hours
  • Center for Effective Altruism
  • Future of Humanity Institute
  • Machine Intelligence Research Institute
  • AMF
  • GiveDirectly
  • Animal Ethics

I'm probably missing a ton of global health and animal charities, because I don't know them.

Here's a list of EA-aligned nonprofits that were supported by EA Giving Tuesday: https://www.eagivingtuesday.org/nonprofits-supported

Over 1.5 million charities are eligible recipients of the $50 Charity Gift Cards, so most should be findable.

Just FYI, I can't find 80k or FHI etc.

80,000 Hours is not a US registered nonprofit. CEA accepted donations for them for EA Giving Tuesday with arrangements we made in advance. Around half of the nonprofits on our list required similar arrangements.

FHI is not a US registered nonprofit either and was not eligible for receiving EA Giving Tuesday donations.

As far as I know Effective Altruism Foundation and Founder's Pledge are totally different nonprofits.

Effective Altruism Foundation runs a few programs, including Center on Long-term Risk: https://ea-foundation.org/projects/

5 seconds to sign up, since I had auto-fill. I think people might as well do it without looking further into it. 

Tisbest is a real charity: https://www.charitynavigator.org/ein/208630809

Epistemically I'm confident enough in this opportunity that I'm happy to broadcast it to the whole EA Forum with a top level post. I spent nearly an hour thinking about this and right now think the chance that new sign-ups get $100 gift cards is about 25%. I don't want to encourage others to take more time to think about this by offering a bet, but I would encourage others who already are going to take the time to read Ray Dalio's tweets to share their quick forecasts to sanity check mine.

Anywhere between 25% and 40% sounds reasonable to me.

Thanks to Christopher L and Charles_Dillon for mentioning this opportunity previously.

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