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Do you know anyone who gives £10,000+ per year[1]?

Do you know anyone who would like to give £10,000+ per year and has the ability to, if only they didn’t have so many uncertainties?

Is this you?

SoGive is conducting a survey of people who (have the capacity to) give £10k+. We want to know:

  • What are their uncertainties about giving?
  • What services would help them give more and give better?
  • How do they make giving decisions?

We’d love to have a call with anyone who fits this description. You can book something in Spencer's calendar here. The survey is designed to be 60 minutes to get the most value from the call. If you're short on time, we can administer a 30-minute version of the survey instead.

Why are we doing a survey?

SoGive is a philanthropy advising and research organization. We support major donors in giving to the most effective charities according to their personal values. We want to help donors increase the impact of their donations - and you can help us determine how.

Your insights will be instrumental in helping us develop a program that A) will actually be of value to major donors, and B) isn’t already covered off by other advisors in the space. Plus, we want to ensure we’re the right ones to provide the type of support donors need.

The value to the community

SoGive values transparency. After data collection, we intend to post an anonymized analysis of the results of our survey. That way, we can all learn what gaps exist in the support for major donors, and we can collaborate as a community on filling those gaps so that donors can give more and give better.

I don't need philanthropy advising. Should I take the survey?

Even if you feel you don't currently need more support with your giving, it's helpful to know! Please still have a chat with us if you can. If we find that donors do not need more support, that will impact SoGive's strategy.

In the survey, we also ask about support donors need that does not come from philanthropy advisors. Does EA actually need more financial advisors, or more interactive online tools? We want to know!

The more data, the better

Please send this post to someone you know who gives, or could give, £10,000+ per year. You can help us learn from a broad range of donor perspectives so that we can develop a more impactful offering. Your family's, friends', and coworkers' perspectives are valuable.

Thank you for your support and for your interest in effective giving!

If you're able to help us by taking our survey, you can book something in Spencer's calendar here.

  1. ^

    About $13,000 USD or $19,000 AUD




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