As mentioned in our last update, we are now looking for ideas for grants and projects to fund.

You can find the form here and we are looking forward to receiving your ideas, this is not only for potential grantees but also for individuals that have promising ideas for other groups to execute. 

The main criterion here for promise is that an idea presents a plausible case for being among the best bets to minimize expected climate damage

This is not a request for fleshed out grant proposals, but rather for first ideas. We will reach out for more information for cases where this appears valuable.

As of now, there is no deadline, rather this is a rolling opportunity to suggest ideas to consider in our ongoing grantmaking from the FP Climate Fund, the wider FP membership, as well as allied funders. 

We are sending this to a wide group of individuals and groups, this public posting is about broadening the search to individuals and groups we might have missed. 

As we note throughout the form, many categories are not perfect, this is often due to data constraints, but we leave plenty of room for comments and adjusted replies. 

Comments are welcome, though due to summer vacations, replies might not be instantaneous. 





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