Following the success of Draft Amnesty Week, the Forum team have decided to take things a bit further.

April 2nd 2024 will be Mandatory Amnesty Day (aka MAD).

At 09:00 UTC, all draft posts on your Forum account will be posted live on the Forum.

All the posts in this section on your profile page deserve to be seen. 

If you have used our Google Docs import feature, all posts we detect on your Google account will also be posted.

Shrek is now the de facto mascot of Draft Amnesty. 

If, for some reason, you have objections, please get in touch with the Forum team here.

We look forward to seeing all your draft posts!

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Even my grocery shopping list? 😳 That's a bit embarrassing but I hope fellow EAs can help me optimize it for impact

It's an anti-procrastination tool!

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