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We are excited to announce a match for donations made towards our operations at Giving What We Can!

Starting December 1st, every dollar donated towards GWWC’s operations will be matched 1:1 up to US$200,000 until the match has been exhausted, or until January 31st 2024, whichever comes first*.

We believe that GWWC is a great funding opportunity for those who believe in effective giving. Our most recent Impact Evaluation suggests that from 2020 to 2022:

  • GWWC generated an additional $62 million in value for highly-effective charities.
  • GWWC had a giving multiplier of 30x, meaning that for each $1 spent on our operations, we generated $30 of value to highly-effective charities on average. Please note that this isn’t a claim that your additional dollar will have a 30x multiplier, even though we think it will still add a lot of value. Read more on how to interpret our results.
  • Each new GWWC Pledge generates >$20,000 of value for highly-effective charities that would not have happened without GWWC.


Reaching our US$200K goal will fully unlock the matching funds, and with US$400K we will be close to filling our baseline funding for 2024, allowing us to revamp the How Rich Am I? Calculator, continue evaluating evaluators, launch in new markets, improve the donation platform including likely reworking the checkout flow and much more.

We strongly recommend you read our case for funding to learn more about our plans, our impact and what your donation could help us achieve.

This is a true conditional match: we will only receive from the match funder the equivalent amount to what we can raise from other donors during this period.

Thank you to Meta Charity Funders for generously providing funding for this match.


*The following terms and conditions apply:

  • Match will apply in a 1:1 ratio to donated funds. In other words, for every $1 you donate to GWWC’s operations, the matching donors will give $1.
  • The match will be applied to eligible donations from December 1st and will apply retroactively
  • The match will end once US$200,000 has been reached, or we reach January 31st 2024, whichever comes first. Once the matched funds have been exhausted, we will update this page.
  • The match will be applied to both one-off and recurring donations that occur during the match period
  • Donors who have funded more than US$250,000 of GWWC’s operations since Jan 1 2022 are not eligible for this match - if you’d like to clarify whether you are ineligible, please contact us at community@givingwhatwecan.org
  • Match will apply to the first US$50,000 per donor
  • Donations can be made through givingwhatwecan.org or through other pathways or entities that can receive donations for GWWC’s operations (please contact us for other options, or if you’re an Australia tax resident)
  • Gift Aid payments will not be included in the match




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This is a true, counterfactual match, and we will only receive the equivalent amount to what we can raise.

What will happen to the money counterfactually? Presumably it will be donated to other things the match funder thinks are roughly as good as GWWC?

I'm also confused by this. The use of "and" (instead of, say, "in that", "because", or "to the extent that") suggests that they've verified counterfactuality in some stronger way than just "the money won't go to us this season if you don't donate", but then they should be telling us how they know this.

Thanks both. They haven't shared this with us specifically so I can't speak for them. They have been very clear that it is a conditional match.

I'll try updating the wording for clarity.

Thanks for updating the wording! I think this is much better.

(I also think that without more information about what the donor will do with any unmatched funds prospective GWWC donors should more or less ignore the match in deciding whether or how much to give, since they probably have similar donation priorities people who would want to offer matching funds to GWWC.)

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