I’m Luke Freeman, Executive Director of Giving What We Can (GWWC), a global community on a mission to make giving effectively and significantly a cultural norm. We’ve got a strong base of over 8,000 members from 100 countries, who’ve pledged to give 10% of their lifetime income to effective charities, amounting to a collective $3 billion pledged and over $300 million given so far.

Prior to GWWC my career later was mostly in tech start-ups, focusing on marketing and growth. I was on the initial team at Sendle, Australia’s first technology B-Corp, and co-founded Positly.

Beyond my work, I’m a devoted member of Giving What We Can (🔸10% Pledger #1560) and Founders Pledge, pledging to donate a significant portion of my income to effective charities.

I enjoy sharing my thoughts and experiences on effective giving and have had the pleasure to do so on platforms such as BBC Radio 4, Aussie Firebug, DW News, and hosting The Giving What We Can Podcast


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Thanks team! I can't keep track of which email address I've used from year to year on the surveys, do you plan to send an email to those who filled in the previous surveys with a link to fill it in again which pre-fills the email address? That'd be wonderful if so 🙌

That's fantastic!! Great to see, thanks for sharing!

Thanks both. They haven't shared this with us specifically so I can't speak for them. They have been very clear that it is a conditional match.

I'll try updating the wording for clarity.

Sadly I read it the same way 😅 But I’m glad this is happening!!

I can’t quite state enough how much I appreciate you writing this right now. You shared what I’m feeling and thinking way better than I feel I can. Thank you.


While I can't share specific details about our previous benefactor for various reasons (e.g. privacy), I can assure you the reasons for this are not related to any issues with the Donor Lottery itself (e.g. support of the approach, estimation of its value or cost-effectiveness, any issues with the process etc).

Our previous benefactor has been instrumental in supporting the lottery in the past and we deeply appreciate this. We'd be excited to find more backstop funds to increase the size of the Donor Lottery again.

@Larks. Further to Jason’s above comment (noting it’s roughly equivalent to tax deductible donation calculations), you count Gift Aid if you count your pre-tax income. If you can’t claim Gift Aid then you count your post-tax income.

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