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Next week for the 80k Podcast I'm speaking with Ezra Klein (here our first interview).

The topic is what we should do about AI — in particular governance and policy ideas.

What claims and proposals do you think I should ask him about?

Here's some recent columns he has written on the toipc:

And some interviews:




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I'd love to get his take on coalition differences with the AI Ethics people since he had Alondra Nelson on the Ezra Klein Show and the more mainstream critics of AI Safety. 

Moreover, his opinion on the distraction arguments forwarded by AI Ethics people.

What does Ezra think of the 'startup government mindset' when it comes to responding to fast moving situations, e.g. The UK explicitly modelling its own response off the COVID Vaccine taskforce, doing end runs around traditional bureaucratic institutions, recruiting quickly through Google docs etc. See e.g. https://www.lesswrong.com/posts/2azxasXxuhXvGfdW2/ai-17-the-litany

Is it just hype and translating a startup mindset to government when it doesn't apply or actually useful here?

What does he think about the feasibility and civil liberties implications of x-risk-focused AI governance proposals, particularly compute governance?

I have thoroughly analyzed and provided an overview of both the AI Bill of Rights and the EU AI Act. In light of this, I'm genuinely intrigued to hear Ezra's insightful perspective on the possible challenges that these frameworks might encounter and the specific hurdles they would need to overcome in order to be successfully implemented. His thoughts on this matter would be greatly appreciated, as I believe they would contribute to a more comprehensive understanding of the potential obstacles facing AI governance and policy.

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