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The EA community is to a large extent dedicated to identifying threats to human existence but very few offer guidance on what to aim for instead. 

Currently I'm working with a team on a big re-design/re-purposing of this long dormant Existential Hope-website: https://www.existentialhope.com  

As it is now the site is packed with content on what people have said gives them a feeling of existential hope. This can be everything from art to scientific research papers. 

In re-doing the website, the current goal is to organize all of this content in a more intuitive/inviting way, to  map the space of both peril and promise which lie before us and to create a flourishing hub that lists all major resources, projects and organizations in the Xhope/future-positive space with a monthly email digest of current opportunities, projects, progresses made, etc.. 

Questions I would love thoughts on:

  • What gives you a feeling of existential hope? What could we feature on the website to inspire other people to feel the same?
  • How do you think this website can be as useful as possible?
  • What is an organization that you think might not be on our radar yet that we should reach out to and ask them if we can feature them on the website?




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