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Motivation: Accredited / Experienced Investors gain access to high value investing, networking and startup formation opportunities.


Exact details vary by country, but in general there are three criteria to qualify as an Accredited / Experienced Investor:

  1. Income
  2. Assets
  3. Financial Knowledge

If you meet ANY of the three criteria, you qualify as an Accredited / Experienced Investor.

Canadian Example

In Ontario, Canada the criteria are roughly:

  1. Income (CAD) - over $200,000/year (individual) or over $300,000/year (with spouse)
  2. Assets (CAD) - over $5,000,000 in total assets net liabilities including primary residence or over $1,000,000 in financial assets net liabilities (excludes primary residence)
  3. Financial Knowledge - CFA Level 3 or equivalent (may have changed recently)

Please take these as a rough guideline only and check with a lawyer/financial advisor for exact details as they apply to your specific circumstances. If you find more details for your specific country/region or some interesting cypto-currency exceptions, please provide in comments.

$1M Question: HOW do I get there?

  1. Income - 80,000 hours has great content. Also, one awesome EA is offering Free Coaching for Software Developers in EA! Maybe other EAs will soon offer free mentoring/coaching for valuable skills too!!
  2. Assets - save, invest and join EA Entrepreneurs
  3. Financial Knowledge - join EA Finance and offer to create a CFA Exam Study Group

Note: please have a low-bar for commenting, especially if you have any of your own tips, offers to help, openness to connecting by LinkedIn, etc 

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Interesting. Please post more info!

Cool! Have you joined EA Entrepreneurs yet? 

I'm thinking of running some hands-on workshops for EA Entrepreneurs on:

  • Crypto (especially NFTs)
  • No Code
  • Investor pitch preparation and practice
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