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Key Insight

Becoming an Accredited / Experienced Investor unlocks access to high value investing, networking and startup formation opportunities.

Anecdotal Evidence

I went to the Angel Investors Ontario meeting yesterday and invited 5 founders to attend as guests. Only one was from EA; 2 were from Complexity Weekend. I introduced them to angels, VCs, potential co-founders, customers, someone who works for the Ontario Premier and someone who has met Obama multiple times.

I gained access to the event as a Member of Maple Leaf Angels (MLA). I joined MLA earlier this year when I qualified as an Accredited Investor.


The event was very valuable for me personally since I made lots of really great connections AND valuable for the founders I invited. One of them (non-EA) wrote:

Thanks so much for the opportunity to attend the Angel Investment Forum today. What an amazing event it was! I learned a lot and met so many wonderful people. 

President of Angel Investors Ontario (AIO)

At the event, the President of Angel Investors Ontario (AIO) interviewed the CEO of Sanofi (they are building a new facility in Ontario!). He also interviewed the Conservative Finance Minister for Ontario. At the evening reception, the President of AIO found me and introduced me to a Toronto-based founder building an incredible PropTech startup (I think the President overheard me talking about PropTech to one of my Angel friends from MLA). The prop-tech founder was really impressive! I pitched him on taking me on in a sales capacity for $0 salary and a pure equity stake. He and I are still in discussions about it...

Chair of the Board for Angel Investors Ontario (AIO)

I also met the Chair of the Board for Angel Investors Ontario. My contact from Complexity Weekend and I pitched him on running hybrid in-person/online events in Gather Town. We'll see what comes of that...


Notable at the event -- the Liberal Federal Finance Minister / Deputy Prime Minister presented -- she is an absolute Rockstar! (I say that as someone who is about to renew my Conservative Party membership...)


Thanks to the opportunities unlocked by becoming an Accredited Investor, I was able to gain access to high value networking opportunities for myself and close, trusted associates. When they say the rich get richer, it's worth paying attention to how!


Most of the value from the event was introducing my Toronto Posse of Founders to each other and other event-goers. Possibly due to Covid, the tickets were free and fewer people attended than a normal year. Next year, I might not be able to invite 5 founders for free.

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