High Impact Professionals is trialing a new matchmaking service where we connect qualified EA talent with the high-impact organizations that need them. We will recruit for your organization and try to find candidates that you wouldn’t have come across otherwise. The end result for you is more positions filled with better talent. We have a large network of talented EAs, both professionals and non, that we are ready to align with your organization’s hiring needs.

If you would like support in filling a fully remote position at your EA organization, please fill out this form and we’ll get back to you with next steps.


During this initial trial phase, we plan to help a few organizations due to capacity constraints, so please understand if we don’t reply to all requests. From there, we’ll scale up or down based on our assessment of the service’s viability.

Feel free to message devon@highimpactprofessionals.org or write in the comments if you have any questions.


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