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Who Should Fill Out The Form?

Anyone who identifies with EA and is looking to transition to working at a HIO. We are especially interested in working professionals as we think they are less legible to the community, but we are happy for any EA to fill it out. If you already filled out our form for FTX grantees that we recently published you don’t need to fill out this form as it is very similar to the one you already filled out.


What Will Happen After I Fill Out the Form?

After you fill out the form you will be entered into our talent directory, a list of all individuals who submit the form. Then, depending on what you’ve consented to on the form, one to two things will happen.

1. We will actively try to place you at a high-impact organization

We at HIP are working with HIOs from diverse cause areas to help them fill roles they are recruiting for. As part of this effort, we will look through our talent directory to find qualified candidates, which hopefully includes you! So the more information you provide to us, the better the chance we have of matching you to a HIO. To do this, we may:

  • execute a talent search on behalf of a HIO and, in the case of a potential match, either HIP or the HIO will reach out to you.
  • pass your information to partners who are also interested in either recruiting directly for their organizations or who run a recruiting meta organization as we do. We think this will significantly increase the chances of a match. We will use discretion with whom we share your information; we will also tell all partners not to share your information with anyone further and that they are to use it for the sole purpose of recruiting.

2. We may publish information about you on our website

If you so consent, we may include you in a public talent directory listing on our website so that all organizations looking for talent can find your profile more easily. This offers the least data privacy, but the most publicity for your profile.

You can revoke your consent for either of these options at any time and we will remove your information accordingly. You can also reach out to us to have your information updated.

If this sounds good to you, please sign up to our talent directory.

If you have any comments or suggestions, please feel free to post them below or email them to us.





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Does something similar exist for orgs looking for board members? I'm interested in joining a board.

Yes! This is the right answer. We have a question about this on the sign up form and plan on forwarding those interested to the EA good governance project.

Perfect!! Thank you.

This seems like a great opportunity. It is now live on the EA Opportunity Board!

Great! This project looks really interesting!

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