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Hi folks, I hope all is well. I'm scheduling some international travel in February, but there is some flexibility to the travel. I want to schedule it so it does not conflict with EAG Bay Area 2024. I don't currently see any definitive date for that event yet, but it would be helpful to know a rough idea of when it will occur (or will not occur). Tentatively, I'm scheduling international travel for February 8th through February 22nd, hoping EAG Bay Area will occur outside that time slot. However if any one can give me better guidance (or knows someone who can give me better guidance) on when EAG Bay Area will occur, I would greatly appreciate it. It would save me a lot of money on plane tickets. Many thanks for your time.




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Hi Mahendra — we're hoping to get a post out about this shortly, sorry for the delay here. The next EAG Bay Area will take place from Feb 2–4, 2024. We're planning for this event to have a more x-risk/global catastrophic risk focus than our standard EAGs, though will explain this in more detail in our upcoming post. 

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