We are running a survey about the external perception of the Research Scholars Programme (RSP) at the Future of Humanity Institute.

It is aimed at people who don’t have a high degree of exposure to the programme, because we’d love to understand more how people perceive it from afar (and in particular if there are any common misunderstandings we should be taking steps to correct).

We are particularly interested in the perception of folks who :

  • might want to apply to RSP at some point in the future
  • have applied to RSP previously
  • considered applying to RSP previously but didn’t for whatever reason
  • otherwise consider themselves to be in the reference class of RSP-ish people
  • people who work at EA orgs

If you consider yourself to be in one of those groups, please consider spending 5 minutes filling in this survey.

We highly appreciate your help in improving RSP’s external communication!

(I plan to close this survey on June 26th.)




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