Hello EAs,

I have been working on what I believe to be a longtermist problem with existential consequences. I am looking to apply for EA funds as they seem a good fit for my work.

However, I have noticed that Application forms require you to indicate if you are applying from India (and China), citing "longer and more extensive reviews due to legal and administrative requirements."

Would it be possible for someone involved in making these grants to clarify the nature of these reviews and requirements. 

I am aware of some challenges in getting funded in India and the workarounds organizations in India use to circumvent these issues. But I do not want to presume, these are the same as considerations as for EA Funds. 

Thanks in advance for any answers and advice.






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As I understand it, there are regulations surrounding what sort of grants foreign organizations are allowed to make to people within those countries. Not an expert; just half-remembering something from a similar form.

Thank you for your quick response, Peter!

If you are able to point me to someone who can provide more specifics, that would be really useful for me.


This is probably in reference to India's Foreign Contribution Regulation Act. Multiple clauses, in particular clause 11, would almost certainly apply; a 2020 amendment also requires that foreign contributions be stored in special bank accounts.

FCRA is what I suspected as well. It would be great if anyone could confirm this. Because, I can possibly take steps to workaround FCRA.

I think there are several legal hindrances to facilitate a "grant" to an Indian citizen. This is why a lot of grant programmes even out of EA are hesitant to include Indian participants.

For example: Atlas had to shut down it's Atlas India Fund for similar reasons.

Arsalaan, would it be possible for you to dive into the specifics or direct me to someone who can? As a legitimate fund seeker for a longtermist cause, it would help me consider mitigation steps (or at least know if I should even bother applying). 

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