Quick post of 10 things that intrigued me, sparked from interactions throughout the EAGxVirtual conference.  They are not meant to make total sense or be practical.  Its just a way to quickly interact with the material and seed possible new areas of personal exploration.

  1. Coaching for eating more sustainably - diet can be very personal and subject to one's environment.  I learned some LMIC areas do not have much food options to begin with to not eat meat.  I also find that having some meat in a diet is much more effective for getting all the proper nutrition compared to plants, as I would need a larger variety and much greater quantity.  I think there is a middle ground on which I can improve on.
  2. Gathertown lite - Gathertown with a lot of people gets laggy for me and having extra browers distracts from deep work.  I've mostly used GT for socializing on break.  Could there be a light weight mode where we punch in to set an intention of what we are planning to work on today and then punch out to shift our mindset out of work mode?
  3. Mental Wellness Hub - A point was brought up that were was not much mental wellness content.  I think it gets losts in the frey of the many other posts.  Maybe we can have a mental wellness hub that is designed to be less distracting and anxiety inducing.
  4. MMORPG Futures Institute game for malicious AGI - The Futures institute has run these online simulations of what the world will be like under a crisis.  It has helped people prepare mentally for incidents like a global pandemic.  Perhaps a game of malicious AGI would help us consider how we will react and respond in our personal lives.
  5. Mastery in a wicked world - X-risk can be so broad and hard to grasp.  It seems as a newcomer, it can be hard to notice personal progress.  How can we develop kind spawning environments that launch towards areas of mastery in a wicked environment?
  6. Global EA day - There were some comments that the conference should be open to everyone who wants to attend.  As Priya Parker says in her book "The Art of Gathering", I think we should exclude graciously to permit those invited to really express yourself.  When you have to cater to everyone, you have to reduce to the lowest common denominator which reduces traction.  Instead, if the goal is to create a sense of connectedness, we might have a Global EA day where each region can output their regional perspective on a problem.
  7. Church of "Death with Dignity" - There was a discussion that if AGI does end up destroying humanity, perhaps we should consider how to approach the end with Dignity.  What would this religion look like?
  8. Summer camp for writing well & thinking clearer
  9. Fiction book list - There are nonfiction book lists but I've seen less on fiction books aligned with cause areas to help people empathize or visualize some of these problems.  Maybe it could be a fanfict fantasy world where we can build the world according to EA rules....then make it the "Ministry of Truth" ;)
  10. Ideate! Get others to make Top 10 lists about their experience with the event.





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For 2), you might be interested in the EA Coworking Discord: https://discord.gg/zpCVDBGE (link valid for 7 days)

Thanks, just got on it.  Will check it out!

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