Two updates from Magnify Mentoring which I hope may be useful to some readers:

1. We are open for mentees
Magnify is running a pilot round for people from underrepresented groups. Applications are open now. You can apply here. We will open a round for women, non-binary, and trans people of all genders in the coming 2-3 months. 

Our pilot round for underrepresented groups is meant to be broadly inclusive. It includes, but is not limited to, people from low to middle income countries, people of color, people from low-income households, etc.

​Past mentees have been particularly successful when they have a sense of what they would like to achieve through mentorship. The matching process normally takes us between 4-6 weeks. We look to match pairings based on the needs and availability of the mentee and mentor, their goals, career paths, and what skills they are looking to develop. Unfortunately, we frequently have more mentees apply than there are mentors available. As this is a pilot round, the discrepancy could be even greater than typical. If you are not matched because of a shortage of mentors, please apply again! 

On average, mentees and mentors meet once a month for 60-90 minutes with a series of optional prompt questions prepared by our team. In the post-round feedback form, the average for “I recommend being a Magnify mentee” has been consistently over 9/10 for the last rounds.​ You can see testimonies from some of our mentees here, here and here.

​ Some reported outcomes for mentees were:

  • Advice, guidance, and resources on achieving goals. 
  • Connection and support in pursuing opportunities (jobs, funding). 
  • Confidence-building.
  • Specific guidance (How to network? How to write a good resume?).
  • Joining a welcoming community for support through challenges. 

2. We are hiring our first additional staff member! 

We are looking to hire a Project Manager who will primarily focus on building a productive and fun Magnify Mentoring community and identifying opportunities to support our members in their professional and personal journeys. You can find out more here

Applications for both will close on the 15th April. We are so excited to hear from you! If you have any questions please contact Kathryn at <>.




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Final day to apply :) Thanks so much!

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