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High Impact Professionals is excited to introduce our Impact Accelerator Program, a new six-week program designed to equip EA professionals (not working at an EA organization)  with the knowledge and tools necessary to make a meaningful impact, and empower them to start taking actionable steps right away. We will start our inaugural round of the program in the week of May 29th. You can apply here.

Program Objectives

Our program aims to:

  • Identify and address barriers to impact for EA professionals 
  • Offer a structured framework for professionals to enhance their engagement with EA and take significant actions to improve the world

An EA at the end of our program should have a good answer to the question “What do I do next?” and should have taken the first steps in that direction.

We also plan to publish the materials and learnings we generate from the program so that they are more widely accessible so that, in the future, a professional wanting to have impact need only go to our site to find a path relevant to them and their context. We also plan to collect and publish to the community information about the various barriers to impact professionals have so that other organizations can help address them.

This is our inaugural program, so we’ll be learning a lot and expect that participants can help shape what the future of the program looks like both by giving us insight into which needs they have but also by providing feedback on which aspects of the program they like and don’t like.

Program Overview

Timeframe: May 29th, 2023 to July 7th, 2023


  • Weekly pre-work (1.5-2 hours). A mix of:
    • Learning: Reading resources on how to think about impact
    • Doing: Taking concrete, impactful actions, such as donating to effective charities and discussing why, or applying to volunteer at an effective organization.
  • Virtual group sessions (1-1.5 hours of discussions and presentations)

Tentative breakdown of sessions:

  • 2 Weeks - Impact Refresher - exploring some tenets of EA
  • 2 Weeks - Paths to Impact for Professionals - making legible the landscape of impact open to professionals
  • 2 Weeks - Overcoming Barriers to Impact - exploring what concrete barriers participants have and what they can do to overcome them.

Led by: @Devon Fritz and @Federico Speziali, Co-Founders of High Impact Professionals

The program's content will be partially driven by the barriers participants identify in their application forms. We aim to address real-life obstacles and will dynamically adapt the material accordingly.

Why Should You Apply?

  • Overcome Barriers: We'll guide you in exploring your personal obstacles to impact and assist you in taking real-world, impactful actions. Through the program, you'll start making a difference by donating to effective charities, applying for high-impact positions, and volunteering your skills to organizations in need.
  • Understand Impact: Delve into the complex nature of creating positive change and discover the diverse opportunities available to professionals.
  • Develop a Solid Impact Plan: Acquire tools to assess and plan for impact, and integrate them into your own circumstances to create a personal roadmap for maximizing your positive influence.
  • Connect with Like-Minded People: Embark on this journey alongside others who share similar goals and aspirations, fostering a supportive community of impact-oriented professionals.
  • Get a Boost in Our Talent Directory: If you successfully go through our program and are in our talent directory, your entry will be marked as such, signaling to potential employers that you’ve taken steps towards having more impact.

Who Should Apply?

We're looking for motivated, results-driven EA professionals who aspire to maximize their impact and are seeking guidance in navigating the path to achieving it.

You'll likely benefit most from the program if you:

  • have been working for at least a few years (not at an EA organization),
  • have contemplated how you can contribute to the greater good, but
  • haven't yet taken many significant steps in that direction.

These are guidelines, so if you feel you'd benefit from the program but don't fit the criteria, please apply anyway!

Apply now

How Does This Differ from Other Programs Like the EA Intro Virtual Program?

Our program differs from other similar programs in the EA ecosystem in a couple ways:

  • Our program is geared specifically towards professionals, while most others are geared toward a younger audience, usually students.
  • Our program has a greater focus on action rather than learning, although there is a learning component.


We welcome your feedback either in the comments or through direct messages. We're always open to learning more, so please reach out if you have any thoughts, insights, feedback, questions, etc.





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