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We're sharing some posts from the last week (16-22 February), which I shared in the most recent Digest. 

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We recommend:

  1. Why should ethical anti-realists do ethics? and Seeing more whole (Joe Carlsmith, 33 min, 31 min) (see also: "my dissertation")
  2. EU Food Agency Recommends Banning Cages (Ben West, 1 min)
  3. What to think when a language model tells you it's sentient (rgb, 7 min) 
  4. What AI companies can do today to help with the most important century (Holden Karnofksy, 13 min)
  5. Deontic Fictionalism (Richard Y Chappell, 4 min)
  6. What is it like doing AI safety work? (Kat Woods, peterbarnett, 11 min)
  7. AI alignment researchers don't (seem to) stack (So8res, 3 min)
  8. Research writeups
    1. Immigration reform: a shallow cause exploration (Joel McGuire, Samuel Dupret, 43 min)
    2. Data on how much solutions differ in effectiveness (Benjamin Todd, 4 min)
    3. There are no coherence theorems (EJT, 23 min) 
    4. Tell people why they should donate, not that they are morally obligated to (benleo, PhilippSchoenegger, 5 min)

Community & practical:

  1. Bad Actors Are Not the Main Issue in EA Governance (Grayden, 4 min)
  2. Getting organizational value from EA conferences, featuring Charity Entrepreneurship’s experience (Amy Labenz, CE, 5 min) 
  3. EA London Hackathon Retrospective (Jonny Spicer, Sam Watts, 4 min)
  4. People Will Sometimes Just Lie About You (Aella, 21 min)
  5. On Loyalty (Nathan Young, 18 min)


  1. Announcing the Launch of the Insect Institute (Dustin Crummett) 
  2. Opportunities & applications
    1. AI Safety Info Distillation Fellowship (robertskmiles)
    2. Join a new slack for animal advocacy (SofiaBalderson, Cameron.K)
    3. Effective Thesis is looking for a new Executive Director (Apply by 22 March) (Effective Thesis)
  3. News related to Effective Ventures Foundation
    1. Transitioning to an advisory role (Max Dalton)
    2. A statement and an apology (Owen Cotton-Barratt)
    3. EV UK board statement on Owen's resignation (EV UK Board)
  4. Forecasting and epistemics
    1. Manifold Markets Charity program ending March 1st (Pat Myron) [UPDATE: it seems that this is no longer true]
    2. The Estimation Game: a monthly Fermi estimation web app (Sage, Adam Binks) 
    3. Metaculus Introduces 'Conditional Pair' Forecasts for Making Conditional Predictions (christian)

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I like this and like that you also signal boost a classic post. Maybe consider boosting non-new posts with new comments, or those that seem particularly relevant to current priorities?

Great thank you!

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