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A lot has changed for the Mental Health Navigator over the past year! This post provides some updates on what's new from the last few months, as well as information about volunteering opportunities we have available!

Data Bank of Free, Low-cost, or Sliding Scale Resources

The data bank on our Resources page has been reformatted to be more easily navigable, and updated to only contain low cost (<$100), sliding scale, and free resources, and there are now 260 listed! We’re continuously looking to expand our data bank, with a goal of reaching 500 by December. If you’d like to help us reach this target, please send us any mental health resources you recommend by filling out this form or emailing us at info@mentalhealthnavigator.co.uk. Information about what we’ll accept and our quality control process is available on the data bank page of our website: https://www.mentalhealthnavigator.co.uk/resource-data-bank


We've got a monthly newsletter now! It’s called MentNav, and it provides information about mental health resources we find and add to our growing data bank, articles and blog posts, and opportunities at the Mental Health Navigator. Feel free to subscribe here: https://mailchi.mp/mentalhealthnavigator.co.uk/ment-nav

If you’re involved in the mental health space and would like to have anything included in the newsletter, please send us an email at info@mentalhealthnavigator.co.uk

Advisory Service Open to Everyone

Our Advisory Service is now open to everyone! You can book a consultation via the booking form on our Advisory Service webpage: https://www.mentalhealthnavigator.co.uk/advisory-service

If you don’t see a time that works for you, we’ve recently had volunteers join, and their availability will also be visible in the coming weeks, so please check back later.

Providers Table

Our Providers Table has grown significantly over the last year to include 92 providers, and now an average of 141 people visit it every month! If there’s anyone you recommend adding to the Providers Table, please fill out this form.

If you’re someone who would like to be listed in the Providers Table, please send us an email at info@mentalhealthnavigator.co.uk.

Looking for Volunteers for Data Bank, Blog, and Advisory Service

Looking for a volunteering opportunity this autumn? We’re accepting applications for volunteers at the Mental Health Navigator! We’re currently looking for 1 more Advisory Service volunteer (based in the UK), Data Bank volunteers, and Content Writing volunteers. To find out more about volunteering with us and apply, please visit our Get Involved page here: https://www.mentalhealthnavigator.co.uk/get-involved




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