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EDIT: The application deadline has been extended to Saturday 23 April.

The Global Priorities Institute (GPI) has recently openend applications for the four-day fully funded Open Student Workshop in Global Priorities Research in Oxford at the end of June. We invite graduate students, junior researchers, and advanced undergraduates from groups underrepresented in GPR or academia to apply. This post gives some background on why we are organising this workshop as well as some further details on the event.


Global priorities research (GPR) is a relatively homogenous field. Intellectual and cultural diversity within GPR is important for several reasons. First, GPR aims to ask political, moral and empirical questions. Answering these questions well requires incorporating a range of perspectives in order to reduce blindspots. Second, a successful effective altruism community should be welcoming to diverse groups (with different religions, cultures and value systems). This requires working with the input and participation of a diverse range of members.

We are excited to help people to enter and contribute to GPR.

We are impressed by the projects and efforts of Magnify Mentoring (formerly Wanbam) and hope to build on their efforts to give everyone interested in effective altruism the same opportunity to reach their potential and contribute to the collective effort of making the biggest difference.

The workshop

In the June Workshop (for which applications are open until 20 23 April), participants will attend an interdisciplinary workshop on global priorities research organised by the Global Priorities Institute, receive personalised 1:1 career- and research-coaching from GPI staff members and other members of the global priorities research community; attend presentations and discussions on global priorities research, receive career planning and experiences in academic research; and receive networking and social opportunities throughout.

Feel free to share this event as much as possible and you can message the organisers, Charlotte and David, with any questions (Charlotte.Siegmann@economics.ox.ac.uk/ David.Thorstad@philosophy.ox.ac.uk).

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