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Hi! I'm wondering if anyone has any recommendations for good conferences to attend that are not EAGs?

Of course, I understand that it depends on what you are working with, so I'm asking mainly for someone working on technological development, but I would also be curious if there are any generally future-focused conferences out there (similar to what Future Forum was this year)?

Also wondering if anyone has any recommendations for a good website to find conferences.




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This is pretty speculative and off-the-cuff, but I'm wondering if Worldcon would qualify. Iir the one I went to several years ago had at least one panel on serious concrete risks, and it seems to be selected to contain many people who think about the future frequently and seriously.

i've been considering it also actually! thank you for recommendation :)

Devin Kalish
No problem! To be clear I only went once, years ago, so I might try to talk to someone who has been more recently too if you consider it.

Hey, I’m going to Web Summit in Lisbon next week. Not sure if they’re still selling tickets, but it’s a 70,000-people conference and the list of speakers is impressive: https://websummit.com/speakers

thanks! will have a look!

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