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Stanford Effective Altruism is proud to announce its first full-day workshop: Assessing policy & institutional interventions with the OpenPhilantrophy-Framework.

We invited multiple speakers and expect valuable insights from this event for all participants.

If you are not able to participate in this event but would like to get informed about future Stanford Effective Altruism Workshops please add your email here.


Date: 23rd March 2019, 9am - 7pm
Application-form: CLOSED
Application-process: Online application followed by a self-scheduled 10min video call.
Location: somewhere on the Stanford Campus - to be announced :)
Costs: 25 - 50$, discounts available
Topic: Assessing policy & institutional interventions (Voting, AI Safety, Digital Privacy)
Limited to: 20 attendees
Target Group: Aspiring Effective Altruists & Rationalists as well as interested people in general


Effective Altruism encourages evidence-based research and rigorous reasoning with the goal of generating the most good in the world. Politics and established institutions may contribute to this goal to a very large extent due to their powerful roles in society - given the right intervention.
By introducing our participants to the way the OpenPhilantrophy Project assesses interventions for its grants we provide a framework to think about policy / institutional interventions in different areas: Voting, AI Safety as well as Digital Privacy (we plan to add a fourth soon!). Different speakers will introduce their area of expertise as well as one possible high-impact intervention. In Groups of 4-5 we will spend the day exploring the expected value of each intervention, present the results to the workshop audience and end with a discussion round.
Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner will be served. We expect our participants to spend 2-3h on preparation (e.g. reading provided articles).


- teach Effective Altruists community of the Bay Area how to apply OpenPhil's assessment framework to policy / institutional interventions
- work up 3-4 concrete interventions in total
- establish a better connection between the Bay Area EA-groups
- have fun and socialize
- get a workshop series running


Aaron Hamlin, J.D., M.P.H., M.Ed. Executive Director of electionscience.org
Mahendra Prasad, Political Science PhD Candidate at UC Berkley
Jake McKinnon, Computer Science Graduate Stanford University
Others pending

Preliminary schedule for Saturday March 23rd

- Breakfast with opinion-speed-dating
- Talks about the current landscape of potential policy / institution interventions
- Talks about OpenPhilantrophy’s approach to assessing an intervention
- Lunch
- Small group sessions: applying the framework to interventions
- Discussion / Interview session
- Dinner
- Open-end party




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