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Fill in the short RSVP to join the ‘Building Effective Spaces’ Conference, a pioneering event designed to foster connections and knowledge sharing among individuals passionate about Hubs, Offices, and Fellowships within the Effective Altruism community and beyond.

See the official website for the latest version of agenda and speakers.


The conference will take place online via Zoom on Saturday, September 30th, 4pm to 8pm BST (11am to 3pm EST)

Who is it for?

Office managers and staff, fellowships and hubs organizers, community builders, users of EA or coworking spaces, anyone interested in setting up a new space or improving an existing one, or anyone excited about the topic.


We'll hear insights from the Open Philanthropy SF office and DC co-working space, EA hubs in London, Oxford, Czechia, the Philippines, Mexico, Germany, South Africa, and more.

The conference will cover a variety of topics, including:

  • 'Exploration of co-working space design and optimization' - a keynote session by Kaleem Ahmid (outgoing Project Manager for US Property at Effective Ventures Operations);
  • 'Impact and theory of change in co-working spaces' - a keynote session by Conrad Kunadu (formerly Longview);
  • 'Funding and Community Partnerships' - a panel discussion featuring Rebca Van de Ven from Open Philanthropy;
  • Lightning talks from individuals sharing their experiences running offices and hubs, such as Jia Li Leonard from Open Philanthropy and Erin Roberston from London EA Hub;
  • 'Challenges and opportunities in different hub settings' - a panel discussion featuring Jordan Pieters (prev. South Africa; CEA), Moritz von Knebel (Germany), Sandra Malagon (Mexico and Colombia) and Elmerei Cuevas (Phillipines);
  • 'What Makes a Space Work?' keynote session;
  • And more!


To receive updates regarding the Zoom details, exact timings, and agenda updates, please RSVP now.


We're also looking for volunteers to assist with various tasks during the conference and are always eager to add more speakers/panelists to our agenda (you can express interest in the RSVP). 

Feel free to share the RSVP with your colleagues and contacts who might also be interested in attending.


For any questions or additional information, please contact Britney or Tereza.

Join us for the Building Effective Spaces Conference. We look forward to having you!




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Sounds really cool, I shared it on the German TEAMWORK coworking space Slack channel! 

Awesome, thanks Max! Hope you will be able to join us for the conference :)

We have now updated the conference time, September 30th, 4pm to 8pm BST (11am to 3pm EST)

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