So how about this project to solving the root cause for why there are still 'developing countries' today w/ over 500 people in extreme poverty in Africa: 
IMF bigoted financing models, considering any country in Africa to be high-risk, so if they lend they increase the interest exponentially. If you don't comply, they give workarounds, like increase your own taxes (on the bottom of the pyramid).... or pay exhorbant fees for insurance, you know, just scummy stuff that they have no choice.

 It's purposefully creating a chicken & egg situation: You have too many people in poverty because of hundreds of years of slavery, then another hundred or so of colonialism and now almost another hundred of neocolonialism, including corruption by 'western' puppeting , even w/ hundreds of billions of $ in revenues from the mining industry yearly, and then spend half of you resources paying back interest instead of improving your society. Is it solveable with an EA movement? Is advocacy possible? 

Here's just 1 video from a bloomberg reporter but you can do simple research to find toooo many results: 



Even the Italian Prime Minister sees that neocolonialism exists until today and it's truly the cancer that's causing extreme poverty:

Solve this and I believe we wouldn't need to be buying malaria nets or cleaning water because we are giving agency for the countries to solve the problems themselves.




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