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There will be three 2017 Effective Altruism Global conferences: two smaller, topic-based events in Boston and the UK, and one broader community-focused event in California.

Boston: Frontiers of Effective Altruism

June 2-4, Harvard University Science Center, Cambridge MA

EA Global Boston will focus on pushing the boundaries of effective altruism, featuring speakers on policy and science and exploring how to think about speculative topics:

  • Society — law, government, policy, coordination (possible topic areas: psychology of people’s involvement with movements, public opinion and public policy, coordination failures, immigration, legal reform)

  • Technology — recent developments, predicting important advances, novel applications (possible topic areas: machine learning, technological unemployment, moonshots, digital currencies, emerging technologies)

  • Science — recent and ongoing research and improving the practice of science (possible topic areas: CRISPR, lab-grown meat, synthetic biology, further discussion of psychology’s replication crisis)


San Francisco Bay Area: Community Summit

August 11-13 at the Innovation Hangar, San Francisco, CA

The largest of the EA Global conferences, this event will place a special emphasis on effective altruism as a community and will feature an array of workshops, discussions and smaller talks in the style of an "unconference." Programming will focus on the effective altruism community itself, with potential tracks including:

  • Finding Cause X — how can the EA community find important causes we might be overlooking? How has this happened in the past?

  • How can we make people and projects in the EA community more effective?

  • Can we help others become more empathetic / altruistic? What makes people motivated to do good?


Oxford/London: Principles of Effective Altruism

October or November, Oxford / London, UK

This event will focus on discussion of the core philosophical and technical principles of effective altruism, including prioritization, ethics, and philosophy. It will be similar to the Boston event in that it will be smaller and more focussed. We will build on the lessons from the Boston and Bay Area events, and will update with talk tracks in the coming months.


To Do:

We will post the application shortly, as well as more information about how to find the conference that’s the best fit for you

In the meantime:

  • Subscribe to our newsletter if you haven’t already, so you’ll be notified when the application goes live.

  • Join the EA Global Facebook Group.

  • Submit topic and speaker recommendations here!




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I wrote a piece that I would have liked to post on the forum. However, I just figured out that I can't post unless I get four more upvotes. So please upvote this, I'm not a bot. Blog post to read here on gdocs.

Hi Amy, just checking - the disappearance of the word "tentatively" means that the SF dates are confirmed right? I'm anxious to book my flights while they are still cheap from NZ. Thanks.

Wow, great catch! Yes, I'm finalizing the contract today.

Hello, does anyone know if the registration is open already?

Thanks for the question! I am working on the application and I hope to launch next week. I'll post on the Forum and at eaglobal.org as soon as it is up.

It may be worthwhile to change the banner image at the top of this forum to an image that informs people of upcoming EA Global dates. That way the information stays visible even when lots of other topics begin pushing this post down on the homepage.

Thanks for sharing, I've saved the dates! I look forward to seeing how this model plays out. Do you have any thoughts on whether the UK/Europe community might feel 'left out'? Are there plans for other EAGx conferences in Europe?

Thanks for saving the dates!

Part of the reason that we are hosting EA Global 2017 in three locations is that we hope to include people from different communities. I am looking at a variety of venues and working to confirm the EA Global UK dates. I hope to have an update on that before too long.

Unfortunately, due to some staffing changes, we have had a bit of a delay this year in launching the EAGx application process. I hope to hire someone to help with the EAGx events soon so that we can ramp up the process and confirm some additional events. We post upcoming events here: https://www.eaglobal.org/events/

Fantastic! Will these be livecast on the web?

I'm currently uncertain about whether I think the live stream provides sufficient value above what is available from recording and posting the videos.

Last year, we received useful data on the live stream views:

Day 1: 914 views (average view time 14.76 minutes) Day 2: 575 views (average view time 17.8 minutes)

We were interested in the live stream in large part because we expected that it would provide access for people who were not local that could not make the event. Interestingly, the majority of video views were from the United States (660) -- particularly in California (279) -- followed by the UK (158).

I'm in negotiations with the video company, and I'll need to see how the costs and staffing requirements trade off against other things that we could offer. I'll update once I finalize the contract.

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