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EAGxAustin 2024 will take place April 13-14 at the University of Texas at Austin! Applications will be opening in late January- fill out our interest form to be notified of the launch.

EAGxAustin is intended both for individuals new to the movement and those already professionally engaged with EA, and will cover a diverse range of high-impact cause areas. We’re especially excited to bring together individuals from Texas or the southern/central U.S. region, and we also welcome anyone in the U.S. or internationally who could provide and/or gain value from the event to apply!

Vision for the conference

One of our primary goals for this event is to strengthen communities and networks for those in southern/central U.S. areas, including Texas and cities such as Phoenix, Chicago, Albuquerque, L.A., and Denver. We're prioritizing applicants from these regions, but also encourage those from across the U.S. and internationally, especially those in EA-related careers or interested in mentoring to apply. Our aim is to bolster connections, support the development of new and existing EA communities in these regions, and enhance networking opportunities for these groups.

The conference will include talks related to high-impact careers and donating, workshops, office hours or roundtable Q&A events, group meetups (e.g. for community building, animal welfare, AI safety, etc.), and designated 1-on-1 spaces. If you have a specific speaker in mind or other content idea which you think would be particularly useful for you or others, please suggest content here. Err on the side of contributing--if you are engaged and excited enough about EAGxAustin to have an idea of what would help you, then you are someone we are excited to consider input from. We want to make EAGxAustin as beneficial and fulfilling for you (and all attendees) as we can. 

Who is EAGxAustin for?

EAGxAustin is intended both for individuals who are new to EA and those who have already professionally engaged with EA. As one of our aims is to serve and bolster EA communities and individuals within Texas and the southern and central U.S., we will prioritize applicants from these areas who meet at least one of the following criteria: 

  1. Completed an intro fellowship
  2. Have demonstrable plans for EA involvement
  3. Experience or interest in high impact cause areas

We also welcome individuals from any location who could provide and/or gain value from the event, especially people who are in impactful orgs and/or have several years experience in a related career, and who are enthusiastic to mentor/give advice to students and early career professionals. If you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to reach out to Austin@eaglobalx.org.





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