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CEA Community Events Retrospective


Hi Kyle, I'm either working or will soon be working to make all of these events happen in the second half of this year. We don't have teams or specific locations confirmed for any yet.

If anyone here is excited to help make these events happen, please reach out to me on ollie@eaglobal.org !

Thank you! Fixed. I had forgotten what year we're in.

Thanks for sharing this! It's great to hear about the growth of EA groups around the world. Good luck!

I'm very excited about this! Where's that huge American flag emoji when you need one.

Thank you for flagging this!

We've now made this talk public. All EAGxVirtual 2023 talks were unlisted. I think (90% confidence) the team hadn't yet received confirmation from the speakers that they should post, and I'm just checking that with them. I've asked the team to post all the videos that they have received consent from the speaker to share.

This is broadly correct from an EAGx perspective :) (I run EAGx)

Minor correction: 

It is also my understanding that there will be an EAGxRotterdam in 2024.

CEA and EA Netherlands are planning an event in the Netherlands, but it won't necessarily be in Rotterdam.

I don't think I, as a reader, am obliged to review all the evidence here and adjudicate with full information. You certainly shouldn't read my comment as me implying I've done that.

This post struck me as unpleasant and off the mark in the ways I describe it, and I think it's okay for me to just say that.


I'm disappointed that much of this document involves attacking the people who've accused you of harmful actions, in place of a focus on disputing the evidence they provided (I appreciate that you also do the latter). I also really bounce off the distraction tactics at play here, where you encourage the reader to turn their attention back to the world's problems. It doesn't seem like you've reflected carefully and calmly about this situation; I don't see many places where you admit to making mistakes and it doesn't seem like you're willing to take ownership of this situation at all.

I don't have time to engage with all the evidence here, but even if I came away convinced that all of the original claims provided by Ben weren't backed up, I still feel really uneasy about Nonlinear; uneasy about your work culture, uneasy about how you communicate and argue, and alarmed at how forcefully you attack people who criticise you. 

Thanks, Oli. Yes, I don't think we nailed it with the questions and as you say, that's always hard to do. Appreciate you adding this context for readers.

I agree. Of all of CEA's outputs this year, I think this could be the most useful for the community and I think it's worth bumping. It's our fault that it didn't get enough traction; it came out just before EAG and we didn't share it elsewhere.

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