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I'm a software engineer at the Centre for Effective Altruism. I mostly work on the EA Forum. If you'd like to support our work, sign up for a 30 min user interview with someone on our team. Hearing about your experience with the Forum helps us improve the site for everyone.

In general, we'd be happy to hear any feedback you have! :) Feel free to contact us or post in this suggestion thread.


Topic contributions

Mini EA Forum Update

You can now subscribe to be notified every time a user comments (thanks to the LessWrong team for building the functionality!), and we’ve updated the design of the notification option menus. You can see more details in GitHub here.

Mini EA Forum Update

We’ve updated our new user onboarding flow! You can see more details in GitHub here.

In addition to making it way prettier, we’re trying out adding some optional steps, including:

  1. You can select topics you’re interested in, to make your frontpage more relevant to you.
    1. You can also click the “Customize feed” button on the frontpage - see details here.
  2. You can choose some authors to subscribe to. You will be notified when an author you are subscribed to publishes a post.
    1. You can also subscribe from any user’s profile page.
  3. You’re prompted to fill in some profile information to give other users context on who you are.
    1. You can also edit your profile here.

I hope that these additional optional steps help new users get more out of the Forum. We will continue to iterate on this flow based on usage and feedback - feel free to reply to this quick take with your thoughts!

Update: We've removed the old version of Wrapped, but also updated the new version to work with 2022 data. You can see your 2022 data here.

One suggestion I would add is to try volunteering. I'm also introverted and went to my first EAG without knowing anyone, and I found it way easier to chat with other volunteers than random people at the conference. The people who volunteer tend to be either fellow first time attendees (including many other students) or people who are friendlier than average.

Currently we've left it up here but we plan to remove it soon to clean up our codebase. I'm curious why you want to see last year's?

The credit goes to our super talented designer @agnestenlund!

Glad it was helpful! :) Unfortunately the Facebook group is the most active Boston EA space. The group website looks quite outdated, but I think you can still get notified of events via the email list, so I would recommend joining that.

A few quick things I would recommend (if you haven't already done them):

  1. Check out the map of community members to see if there are any people near you.
  2. See if there are any online groups that interest you - in particular, I would check out EA Anywhere.
  3. I've done both the introductory and in-depth EA Virtual Programs and I found them really helpful for me to learn and engage with EA ideas. The readings were great and I had some interesting discussions with my cohorts, plus kept in touch with some of them afterward! :)
  4. Since you are near Boston, I suggest you join the Boston Effective Altruism Facebook group. In particular, I know people have come from other nearby states to join the "Dinner and discussion" events, and you'll meet a pretty good mix of people there.

I'll bet EAF put a lot of thought into their palette.

As Ollie mentioned, I made the set you referenced for just this one thread. As far as I remember it was meant to to support positive vibes in that thread and was done very quickly, so I would not say a lot of thought went into that palette.

It's the "Saved & read" option in the profile photo dropdown menu:

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