Last year, I posted a call for case studies on social-welfare-based standards for companies and products (including standards imposed by regulation). The goal was to gain general context on standards to inform work on possible standards and/or regulation for AI.

This resulted[1] in several dozen case studies that I found informative and helpful. I've been hoping to write up my reflections after reading them all, but it's taken me long enough to get to this that for now I am just publishing a public Google sheet with links to all of the case studies that we have permission to share publicly (including some that already have public links). The link is here: 


  1. ^

     Most of the case studies this piece links to were directly paid for via this project, but in some cases the work was pro bono, or someone adapted or sent a copy of work that had been done for another project, etc.




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Thanks for sharing this. FYI,  the links to the ‘Nuclear Safety Standards’ and ‘Basel III’ case studies are not publicly accessible.

Thanks for pointing this out! Should be resolved now.

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