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We at High Impact Professionals have published an EA Workplace and Professional Group Directory. As the name implies, the directory lists out all of the active EA groups both in workplaces (e.g. EAs at Google) and for industries (e.g. EAs in Finance). 


We believe that EA workplace and professional groups can be very impactful and to date haven’t been supported sufficiently relative to their impact potential. We created this directory so that working professionals in the community can easily join a group for their workplace or industry and thus engage more with EA. We also hope the directory will illuminate which workplaces and industries don’t have a group in the hopes that EAs hungry for more impact start them up, especially at (but not limited to!) promising places.

What You Can Do

If you are an EA working professional, there are many ways you can use the directory:

  1. You can join a group at your organization or for your industry. The best way to contact the group is listed in the directory.
  2. If you don’t find an existing group for your organization or industry you can talk to us about what starting a group could look like. We believe this can be a very high-impact way that professionals can take EA action and to this end we have been consulting with many new and existing groups to help ensure their success.
  3. If you find any out of date information you can let us know. This could be one of many things: a group should appear that isn’t listed, a group that is listed as active is now dead, a group’s organizer has changed, etc. We have done the best we could to ensure all information is up to date, but we likely missed some things and we request the community’s help in keeping the directory accurate.

As stated above, we are currently working with many group organizers to help maximize the impact of their group, so if you are running a group and haven’t been in touch, please reach out. We would love to talk through how we can support your group.

Finally, it should be noted that we asked each group organizer if they wanted to have their group publicly listed and not everyone has gotten back to us. That means that there are many other groups we know about that don’t yet appear in the directory. We hope to hear back from these organizers so that the list is more complete, so feel free to check periodically for updates. You can also reach out to us privately to see whether or not there is a group for your company/industry that isn’t currently listed.

About HIP

HIP’s mission is to enable working professionals to maximize their positive impact by supporting them in utilizing their time, skills and resources effectively. 

We are currently focusing on creating and supporting EA workplace and professional groups and helping EAs to run workplace initiatives. You can read more about this in our introduction post or on our website.

We plan to make our research and strategy transparent so that others in the community can both benefit from them and improve them. We prefer posting shorter and more concise results, and posting these more often, over posting longer, more detailed posts less often. We are, of course, open to discussing our methodology in more depth: the curious need only reach out.

We welcome feedback - just post a comment below. For more general inquiries, please contact us. For updates, join our newsletter.





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Thanks for this work. I like the direction.

  1. Groups could be sorted (A-Z by industry) for better UX. Faster to look through. I done it manually and it looks better.
  2. Differentiate groups between Facebook/Slack/other. This is important if facebook/slack/other is not part of someones workflow. For example, I exported CSV and differentiated it myself by adding another column. This could be done already, so people would not need to do differentiating themselves for better UX.
  3. There is existing feature on EA Forum https://forum.effectivealtruism.org/community#online which is better because it has a potential to include more groups - any EA online group besides professional. It is also better because it has simple UI and simple to find.
  4. It would be nice to compare activity between Facebook and Slack groups for the purpose of curiosity. It is interesting to know how active are these on facebook (maybe super active?). Possibly there are other benefits of doing some analysis.

Hi there,

Thanks for the comments! To some of your points:

  1. Fixed this - we had this at some point but something must have happened...
  2. Not sure what you mean by this one. Can you elaborate?
  3. We know about this feature but want to be able to present working groups all by themselves and on a site that caters to a broader audience than the forum. It is possible we will add this to the forum at some point as well.

Since I rarely open Facebook I would never see content posted there, so maybe it is not worth looking for a group on the platform. So it could have a column listing what kind of platform community is on. This would enable to filter out quickly.

Some people use more Facebook, others use more Slack, others use EA forum etc. There is so much on the internet and limited time.

I wonder:

  • how many EAs use Facebook;
  • how many members these groups have;
  • how active  groups are (do members visit groups);
  • how often posts are seen and how many see them (because of Facebook algorithm not showing posts);
  • what is the response/success rate (do people find the answers when they post?), do they find  it is worth continue using? Is there a sense of community created etc.

Same questions could be asked about Slack and other platforms. Slack does not have an algorithm, so every message has to be read, but how many people visit communities on Slack (everyday, once a week, once a month?)

How different platforms and groups compare? For example, Entrepreneurship group does better on Facebook or Slack?

Which social media the group uses is listed for each record and you can inline filter for anything you care about (e.g. "hide all the ones using facebook", "show only those using slack"). 

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