Hello everyone, short and sweet news from the Balkans!


My partner (Tatiana K. Nesic Skuratova) and I are starting an EA chapter in Serbia, and we kick it off with a casual meeting (upcoming weekend, October 9th) as well as a "What We Owe the Future" book discussion later this month. This post serves as a contact point for anyone in or near Serbia or Belgrade who wants to join or connect, as well as anyone who has tips on starting a new club :)


We are happy to say that the support from Catherine Low and Amarins Veringa was on-point; while many other community builders have helped with advice and resources along the way! We are looking forward to seeing those of you that make their way to Belgrade, Serbia, or to cooperate virtually wherever you are!




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Great to hear this! Very exciting stuff 😀 

Yes indeed! Thanks for the support! :)

Nice to see new people in the Balkans! I'd be down to chat sometime about how EA Croatia started off :)

Absolutely! Booked a meeting with you! :)

Hi Dushan - this is wonderful news! I look forward to watching the growth of EA Serbia. You will be excellent in guiding this from its beginnings. 

Thank you so much Holly - with support like this, can't go wrong! :)

Cool, I might be spending a few weeks in Belgrade sometime next year! I'll reach out if that ends up happening. (Writing from Dubrovnik now, and I met up with some rationalists/EAs in Zagreb ~1mo ago.)

Sure, we'll be around! Let us know, we'd be happy to meet new folks!

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