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Hi @all, 

EffectiveDAO ( @Effective_DAO ) is currently planning its first online event and we would love to hear your thoughts / feedback / suggestions:

Event Description:

  • The event would be a 2hr Live Twitter Space
  • A handful of knowledgeable panelists (4 to 7) would be invited to discuss various issues relating to EA (MAYBE including some of the recent controversies (OR NOT))
  • Audience will be allowed about 30 - 45 mins to ask panelists questions


My Questions:

  • Is this a good idea or Not? Why?
  • Do you think we Should go ahead and do it or we should kill the idea?

Assuming you agree that it is a good idea and that we should go ahead:

  1. Who would you suggest as panelists? i.e who should we invite as speakers? (up to 5 recommendations are okay)
  2. What kind of things should be discussed (suggest topics or issues).
  3. Do you have any suggestions on how we might do this better / more effectively?

If you prefer not to comment publicly please DM me or reach out to us on twitter @Effective_DAO

Also: If you are interested in being in the panel (or moderating the event) or if you have experience organizing twitter spaces and would like to volunteer/collab kindly reach out to us. 





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