I just found out about it accidentally on the https://www.serimats.org/ website. I applied to the program but did not get any notification about the extended deadline. Either I made a typo in my email address (in that case can organizers please correct it if they choose to invite me, it should be malyasova.viktoriya@yandex.ru?) or the organizers did not notify the applicants. In case it's the latter, I just wanted to let all of you who applied know that you have another day to try and improve on your first submission.




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Hi Viktoria! I'm sorry; we dropped the ball on emailing all the applicants who had previously submitted. In hindsight, this was an obvious first thing to do. We did post the extension on the EA Forum and LessWrong posts, and a host of Slack workplaces and Facebook groups, but we should also have sent that email.

Any idea if the next cohorts will allow applying later?

Hey Guy,

As said on the application, we are not sure if we will be able to run future iterations. We hope to make this possible, and in that case, we will publicly advertise new applications. We also don't know what mentors we will be working with. 

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