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If you could have one superpower, what would be the most EA thing you could do with it? i.e. how could you maximally benefit the world with any single superpower?

Bonus points for economy: find the minimax of high impact and low magic.




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…AND I SHOW YOU HOW DEEP THE RABBIT HOLE GOES is a great slatestarcodex story which explores what can be done with different superpowers. I'd take the black pill which on the face of it looks like low magic.

I'd want the orange pill, I think. 

There is a fantastic short story about an EA superman. Quite indulgent but I highly recommend: 

There were two words that Superman lived by, and they were “pay me”.

His time was auctioned off in blocks of five minutes. He didn’t need to sleep, so he stopped sleeping, which meant that there were 288 blocks of his time available per day, with ten blocks set aside for administration. It was rare that any of these blocks went for less than a million dollars, which meant that after his first full year in operation as Superman, he made over a hundred billion dollars. If he were a nation, he would have been ranked 63rd, just below Morocco.

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