We're excited to announce that EA NYC and The Centre For Effective Altruism (CEA) are opening a new space in Manhattan—with a working name of New York Effective Altruism Hub (NYEAH)[1]—that will serve as a daily coworking space for EA professionals, an event space for after-hours community events, and a meeting space for EA organizations.

We are currently in the process of finalizing a lease and anticipate the office opening in the late summer or early fall, depending on renovation needs.

Potentially interested in using the space? Please fill out our latest survey.

This survey is a follow-up to our December questionnaire and will shape the office design, furnishings, and internal layout. Your feedback will directly impact our decisions as we get NYEAH off the ground.

AI Safety/Longtermism Office
There is also interest in potentially opening a second and separate office space that would be specifically focused on AI safety and longtermism and you'll find questions related to this in the survey as well.

NY EA Hub Office Manager Opening
We are seeking an NYEAH Operations Manager who is passionate about helping others make a positive difference by ensuring their working environment is optimized. This role will be a direct employee of CEA and work as a part of the EA NYC team, assisting with EA events. Applications close the night of June 29. You can reach out to EA NYC Director Rocky with any questions and check out this EA Forum post describing what it's like to work as an EA Office Manager!


P.S. EA NYC is currently hiring for several roles and our future employees will have the option of working out of NYEAH!

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    People have already indicated they want a cooler name, which we are open to. We want the intent of the space to be legible, including for people traveling to NY and trying to plug in quickly and easily.

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Are there any such coworking / event spaces in SF Bay or any other city? I love this initiative. It makes me more inclined to move to NYC

Berkeley has the Lightcone Offices and the Constellation offices (though for both there is currently a lot more demand than supply, so access is somewhat limited).

I think more and more regions & cities are either setting something up/have already done so/looking at ways to do this in the future. I have heard of SF initiatives as well as other major cities in the US & Europe. Exciting to hear NYC hub is on its way too!!

Exciting! I just filled out the form.

Any update on this? (I'm helping set up a similar space in Toronto and would love to hear how this has been going.)

I'm happy to chat about our process and/or add you to the EA Coworking Organisers Slack if you're not already a member!

For the NY space, we are still finalizing the lease and some other logistics, so the opening date is unfortunately still TBD.

Thanks for the reply - just sent you a dm.

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