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  • If you’re having trouble commenting or drafting a post, try a hard refresh [see more]
  • Today’s the deadline for the Criticism Contest, and there may be many submissions coming in. You can remove them from your Frontpage using tag filters. [see more]

Trouble commenting or drafting a post

The Forum went down yesterday. If you were trying to access it during this time, you might now have trouble commenting or editing post drafts. Some things that you can do:

  • Try a hard refresh (command+shift+R on Mac or Control+F5 on Windows) (a guide)
  • Clear your browser cache (a guide)
  • Try a different browser

If all of this fails, please feel free to get in touch with us

Filter out submissions to the Criticism Contest

Your Frontpage might currently be very full of submissions to the Criticism Contest. You can hide those entirely or downweight them on your Frontpage by using the tag filter system. There are instructions here

In brief, you can find the tag filter above the posts on the Frontpage. If you hover over this, you can select "hidden" or "reduced" depending on your preferences. 




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There’s not a way to filter stuff from the RSS fee is there? Doesn’t seem like it, but maybe I missed something.

To answer my own question, in case someone ends up here in the future, wondering the same thing, there are some options to do this. 

Thanks for all your hard work making this be a place we love to be!