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I think it could be useful if folks had a relatively low bar for sharing Anki decks they make, especially if they're for an EA/rationalist relevant book, an 80,000 Hours podcast episode, or a good or popular textbook (especially, if it's listed here!). I would love for the comments of this post to become an ever expanding list of such decks.

Perhaps you could state:

  • What book/podcast/etc. the deck is on
    • I'd encourage you to have an Anki folder for the book/podcast/etc. but then have the decks themselves broken down by chapter/episode/article/etc.
  • Link to deck (how to share Anki decks)
  • Will you update the deck based on people's corrections?
  • In your view, how comprehensive is it?
  • In you view, what is it's quality?
  • How much experience did you have making decks when you made the one you're sharing? (In years, books, or some other relevant metric you prefer.)
  • Are you okay with others reviewing your deck, to help others?




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I use Anki and would also be interested to see any decks people have made about EA-related topics.

What We Owe the Future: A Flashcard Summary

(Not my deck, but definitely an EA anki deck!)
More information here.

Great initiative! Are you thinking of making a "best of", with perhaps 50 most important, timeless knowledge cards? Would be great!

For exempel I hope that in 50 years we don't need to know about the 2020 conflict in The Galwan Valley.

My Effective Altruism deck  is far from comprehensive, and most cards still lack good sources for learning more about a topic, but I am updating it from feedback. Corrections and collaborators also welcome!  

I have made the Wisdom project decks to share important practical knowledge collected from hundreds of great videos, podcasts and books. I think most EA community members could benefit from several things in it.

Part 1 together with part 2 is the most comprehensive deck on core life skills (important practical knowledge) I am aware of. Each card is high quality with references  to confirm the validity and enable learning more about a topic of interest.

I am updating it from feedback. Corrections and collaborators are also welcome!

I have recently created an Anki deck covering the whole "Rationality: From AI to Zombies", using GPT-4. You can see an accompanying post here, and the deck itself here.

I've heard of a projects that creates a place for sharing anki decks on github, so that others can improve them like open source software. Unfortunately I can't find the project very quickly.

Perhaps you are thinking of the CrowdAnki  plugin? The key EA numbers deck uses it.

Great idea to make a list of EA decks!

Perhaps the initial post can be updated to organize the decks by category (AI, other cause areas, practical knowledge/skills, specific books, etc)? Would also highlight which categories are missing.

Northeastern USA Wild Plant Identification

Corrections welcome: Yes, please correct my deck!

Comprehensiveness: I think I have 90% of the non-rare forbs. It will vary as it is across a large region. On the plus side it applies somewhat outside the intended region as well...

Quality: High for Anki! High for its intended personal use: identifying based on plants as encountered in the wild, e.g. without flowers. Medium for general use (cards definitely could use duplicate photos). 
Plants are better learned opportunistically in the field with apps like Seek, but if you want a crash course in Anki - have at it.

Experience: First real deck, and I didn't realize you could have multiple answers. I'm sure there are more features I missed.

Reviews: Please review my deck! 


Chemistry: A molecular approach (5th Edition) by Nivaldo Tro

Probably not going to correct errors; I appreciate errors being flagged but probably will not go back & correct them (I took AP Chem 4 years ago).

Attempting to be complete; except for Chapters 1-4, which contain large gaps.

Medium quality; I made it only for myself so there are notes only relevant to me, plus Chapters 1-4 are low quality especially for someone without prior knowledge of chemistry.

Experience: Roughly 0.75 of another chemistry textbook.

Reviewing Deck: Yes

Hi Arden, I noticed this link is broken, and I'm wondering if you still have this deck available to share.  Thanks for the consideration, and I hope all is well on your end.

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