This is just a final call for the cause exploration contest that CEARCH is running . The original announcement can be found here; the short of it is that:

  • We welcome everyone to suggest potential cause areas, providing a short justification if you feel it useful (e.g. briefly covering why the issue is important/tractable/neglected), or not, if otherwise (e.g. the idea simply appears novel or interesting to you). All ideas are welcome, and even causes which do not appear intuitively impactful can be fairly cost-effective upon deeper research.
  • People are also welcome to suggest potential search methodologies for finding causes (e.g. consulting weird philosophy, or looking up death certificates).

Prizes will be awarded in the following way:

  • USD 300 for best cause idea (and that is not already on our public longlist of causes).
  • USD 700 for the best search methodology (and that is not already listed in our public search methodology document).

Entries may be made here. The contest will run only for a few more days, until 31st July 2023 (23:59, GMT-12). Multiple entries are allowed (n.b. do make separate individual submissions). 




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