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We're working on outcomes research for the recent 'Visiting the Bay'[1] summer push. We're specifically looking into:

  • How impactful was it?
  • What were the pros and cons? 
  • In what ways, if any, was it negative?
  • How should this update our views on community hubs?
  • How can hubs better prepare, organize and execute big community pushes?

Interested in helping? You can:

  • Fill our the survey (if you came to the bay)
  • Sign up to do a user interview (if you have strong opinions on how the summer push went or want to share more details about your experience)
  • Help us compile the data and write a report, message either of us or comment if you're interested
  • Post your own reflection and opinions on EA hubs and impact 
  1. ^

    By this, we mean EAs who came to the Berkeley area for the summer of 2022





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