Hi everyone. If you weren't aware, I started a nonprofit to advance businesses with charities in the vast majority shareholder position. 

The basic idea is that if people could buy the same or similar stuff for the same prices and help prevent childhood malaria, end global poverty, factory farming etc. people would do it. People are selfish but not wholly indifferent between money going to end poverty vs enrich random investors. 

I have a session that may be selected for SOCAP Global  to try to bring this idea to impact investors, foundations, entrepreneurs etc. to scale Profit for Good businesses. Please take a moment to vote for our session. Takes like a minute and this could really help bring a powerful, good idea, to people who could help make it happen.

Click here, scroll down to the bottom, and vote.



More information about Profit for Good

Our website: www.profit4good.org  (includes Find a Profit for Good page, with all the businesses and the causes they support)

TEDx Talk on Profit for Good

One Pager for Commissions for a Cause Project

Pitch Deck for Commissions for a Cause Project

List of Reading Materials on Profit for Good




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