In a few weeks, Cambridge University Press will be publishing Democratizing Global Justice (2021) by John Dryzek and Ana Tanasoca. Dryzek is the Centenary Professor at the University of Canberra, and has published several recent articles in Science (2019, 2020) and Nature Human Behaviour (2019). Tanasoca is a Research Fellow at Macquarie University and recently published Ethics of Multiple Citizenship (Cambridge University Press, 2018) and Deliberation Naturalized (Oxford University Press, 2019). At their upcoming talk, Dryzek and Tanasoca will speak on a topic from Democratizing Global Justice, the ethics of transnational aid.

Who: John Dryzek & Ana Tanasoca, co-authors of Democratizing Global Justice 

What: Democracy, Altruism, & the Ethics of Transnational Aid

When: 6:30P-8:30P (PDT), Wednesday, May 5th, 2021



Current practices (however unwittingly) establish a hierarchy in which the poor are subject to the discretionary choices of donors, and are denied the ability to shape what justice means in the global system. We argue that transnational relationships involving private giving from rich to poor should be democratized by involving the poor in decisions about how donated resources should be used. 

We contextualize this argument through reference to our new book Democratizing Global Justice (Cambridge University Press, 2021), which is about the more general need to democratize global justice governance (with special reference to the Sustainable Development Goals and climate governance). Inclusive deliberative processes can empower the agents and actors necessary to determine what justice should mean and how it should be implemented.




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