Is anyone aware of any meta analyses of projects/grants that go into detail on the nature of the work (eg research/lobbying/something else)?

I want to better understand the skills/backgrounds of the folks working on these things + what the work actually looks like. In particular I want to get a better sense of where a person with a particular skillset/background who isn’t currently doing direct work is most likely to be effective/successful.

For some context, I’m currently earning to give, but would like to better understand what types of direct work I’d be best suited for.




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TL;DR: Don't forget your personal fit


Many people  try understanding what is THE ONE most important skillset, while also not knowing what skillsets we'll need one day. I think it would be much better for the community if each person would do the thing they're best fit to do.

[I can elaborate or formalize my opinion better if you want]

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