The team at SERI is excited to announce that sign-ups for the 3rd annual Stanford Existential Risks Conference are now open! We will be running a hybrid conference this year. Sign-ups for both in-person and virtual attendance are now live. 

This is an exciting opportunity for attendees to engage with experts in the field, network with like-minded individuals, and gain insights into the latest research and developments related to existential risk. This year’s conference aims to take stock of global catastrophic and existential risk studies. A special focus of this meeting will be risk intersections, reinforcements, and cascades: how one risk may amplify (or diminish) another, and how multiple risks interact to create new concerns that may be larger than the sum of their parts. The conference will also feature discussions of the ethics of radical longtermism.

Because space for in-person attendance is limited, we encourage you to sign up as soon as possible.

View additional information about the conference. Questions or concerns? Click here to contact us

We look forward to your participation in this thought-provoking and impactful event!

In survival and flourishing,

The SERI Team

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Thanks for sharing this! Could you expand on who is the target audience of the conference? Is the bar to attend more similar to EAG or EAGx conferences? (If former, I wouldn't want to advertise it to people who are very new to exrisk)

Absolutely! Our goal is to ensure a diverse audience of people from many backgrounds, both within and outside Stanford. However, we do have limited in-person capacity, and we are giving some preference to individuals with a track record of working in multiple x-risk topics areas to support this year's focus on  x-risk intersections and reinforcements. That said, we have ample virtual space available, so we encourage almost everyone to sign up for online attendance!

Given the focus on intersections and reinforcements, our panels and presentations will be very interdisciplinary and cross-cutting; we won't be doing deep dives into specific topic areas. So don't expect extended sessions solely focused on AI, nuclear war, etc.

This. Is this a good opportunity for students projecting career paths in the area?

Absolutely! Our focus this year is on reinforcements and intersections of risk, so we will be doing more interdisciplinary sessions rather than doing deep-dives or having highly technical conversations focused solely on siloed risk areas. This would be a great way to students to get exposed to a wide variety of different ideas and perspectives without needing much, if any, background or technical knowledge.

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