So, as the title says, I'm looking for a research partner (or more) for a, preferably, long-term collaboration on researching topics concerning improving humanity's prospects over the long-term future.

I'd been reading relevant literature for some time now and would like to get involved because I feel I can contribute. Why am I looking for a partner? There are several reasons: 1. I'd like to have someone to discuss stuff with (unfortunately, no one of the people I know is interested in this stuff, or at least not on the level I am), 2. I would be more motivated and productive (this is purely psychological. For example, if I have an agreement with someone and the other person puts in the work, that "forces" me to also put in the work. In other words, we would keep each other in check), 3. two (or more) people can cover more ground that one person, 4. two (or more) people are "smarter" than one person.

Ideas that add to the existing body of knowledge would be the ideal result of our research and collaboration. Results would be published in academic journals.

My formal background is in philosophy and linguistics (I have a BA) but I like, read, and am open for research in sociology, psychology, politics, ethics, history,....and their subfields. I will soon also have a better grasp of technical stuff as I am starting my master's in computational linguistics (NLP) in September.

Please, if anyone is interested, feel free to send me a DM. Also, if anyone knows of other similar forums where I can post my "advertisement" I would be very grateful.




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